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Covid 19 update

Posted on September 11th, 2020

Hope you are keeping safe.

We are open as normal to offer whatever help you may require during this difficult time. But to meet the demand and observe the infection control precautions, we needed to adopt to different ways of working.

Online consultation service called e-Consult  is now live – through this exciting service, you can consult with your doctors using NHS App or via the link on our home page. Once you submitted the details, we will get back to you with in three working days depending on the clinical need.

Drs Edara and Navuluri are from India and in the vulnerable group as the Covid 19 virus is disproportionately effecting certain ethnic groups including Indians. Our locum doctors Dr Aggarwal and Dr Swift are classified as vulnerable too.

Despite this we are committed to continue to provide best possible care to all our patients. This pandemic is making us to work differently. So we will continue to offer online consultations, telephone, video consultations and face to face appointment or we may simply signpost you to appropriate self help. It’s up to the Doctor’s discretion to decide which method of consultation is best for that particular patient.

If you have Covid 19 symptoms and needs to be seen, we can offer an appointment at the Hub. We also offer appointments at surgery for non -Covid symptoms whom we can not advice over phone/video. These appointments must be booked by the Doctor only and DO NOT attend the Surgery unless you are advised to do so. 

We continue to offer essential services including childhood immunisation, 6 weeks baby and mother checks, pneumonia immunisation.

We would like you to seek help especially if have any chest pain, stroke symptoms, bleeding, weight loss or noticed any lumps.

You can help us by keeping safe and following the latest NHS advice, exercise regularly, keep talking to friends and family.

We strongly advice you to visit for further information and not to rely on social media or search engine results because there is a lot of misinformation is in circulation.

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    18:30-19:00 (late evening clinic at surgery -by appointment only) also 1830-2030 at Hub
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